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Stag-Trip - Accommodations

Stag-Trip – Accommodations

Which accommodations in Szczecin?

There are a lot of hotels in Szczecin and we choose few for you with very reasonable prices for Poland. The location of these apartments and hotels is ideal for your different activities. They are just a few hundred metres away to the nightlife activity such as nightclubs or strip clubs.

We have obviously tested all these youth hostels, all these flats and all these hotels for you. Of course, all the necessary facilities are present, including the most important one: WiFi! And that’s why all the people who come to have their stag parties in Szczecin go there and come back for many years.

Youth hostel

Youth Hostel
10 min walk to centre.
Private rooms.
Sheets & Towels included.
Free Wifi.
15 €

2-star hotel

City centre
Close to nightclubs
Smoking rooms available
Breakfast (extra)
Free Wifi
25 €

3-star hotel

City centre.
Close to nightclubs.
Double or triple rooms.
Free Wifi.
45 €

4-star hotel

Luxury hotel
City centre
Close to nightclubs.
Swimming pool, Spa, Fitness
Free Wifi
65 €


City centre.
Adapted to the size of the group.
Sheets and towels included.
Perfect to stay together.
Free wifi.
29 €