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Here are some answers to questions you may have about your stag party in Szczecin (Poland).

  • Why did you choose Poland?

    Yes, good question! Why Poland, country without electricity, where you can find bears crossing streets even in summer, and where all the Poles are just drinking vodka 24×7?

    Maybe because all the clichés about Poland, country of Eastern Europe are wrong … 4G-LTE is present for years at rates that would make national carriers blush, bank transfers arrive in 15 min on the recipient’s account, NFC payments are commonplace, intelligent traffic lights display the number of seconds before changing to red or green, people are respectful and do not cross on red, even when it rains and you will never drink even a drop of alcohol with a Pole, when he knows he must drive… and we have hundreds of examples like these!

    But it can also be, because during your stag weekend, buying a bottle of alcohol with mixers does not cost 500€ as in Barcelona or London but only 50€, because a pack of cigarettes is 60% less expensive, because people are smiling and welcoming, because girls are more than pretty, because we have lived here for years 🙂

  • Why this unpronounceable town of SZCZECIN instead of Krakow?

    That is your challenge number 1: correctly pronounce the name of the city!! Do not worry, a local guide who speaks English will have time to teach you that (yes, because our guides speak English too and not only “hello” and “thank you”…)

    Krakow is actually pretty cultural, but no one will believe that you are doing a stag trip in Eastern Europe for the cultural benefits!! When you do stag parties in Paris, do you not visit the Louvre and in London, do you not visit Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament? No? You’ll have time to go to Krakow as lovers with your girlfriend or the groom with his wife 🙂

  • Why should I choose you instead of another company ?

    Yes, why us rather than companies domiciled nowhere, who say they know all the nightclubs of all the cities, all the good spots and all the guides?

    Because our company is Polish and we live in Szczecin! We do not know someone who knows someone who once said that the nightclub was good … We know the nightclubs, we know the restaurants, the pubs, the places to go and we have lived here since 2011!

  • Why are your prices 'about'?

    We calculate our prices according to the number of people in the package or participating in the activity. We’ve counted it as 10 people.

    This means that if you are more, it is cheaper and if you’re less, it is more expensive, hence the word “about”.

    All prices are also displayed in detail according to the number of people, for each activity and each package!

    Moreover, unlike others, we do not use “from” which means we give you the minimum price usually calculated for 20 or 30 people…

  • But it's far from the airport!

    From Berlin’s airport, which is 100 times better served than Krakow with direct flights, and where EasyJet and other low-cost airlines land, it takes about 1 hour 45. Which is only 45 minutes more than in Paris and Orlyval+RER+Metro or London and its combination of Train+Tube!

    You can also arrive in Szczecin airport (SZZ) in direct way from Dublin, Liverpool, London, Oslo…

    Your guide will use this transfer time to explain in detail your schedule during these days, to teach you the basics of Polish language just for you to be able to say in your irresistible foreign accent: Good evening, my name is Bob and you?

    And those extra 45 minutes, well worth any savings you will make and the other web sites NEVER talk to you! The 50€ bottle in nightclubs with mixers, 3€ mojitos in pubs, vodka shot at about 1€…

  • And your guides, how are they?

    Our guides are super cool and speak very good English and French!

    But above all, they live here for years, many of them are even were born here. They therefore know all the places to see and all the places to go.
    However, you can choose a male guide (free option in all packages), because sometimes, for some things, it is more practical to talk to a guy…

    NOTE: You cannot choose your guide on physical criteria, you can choose only between boy or girl.

    NOTE 2: We do our best to fulfil your choice. However, if you book late (within 3-4 weeks) it may be that we cannot have a male guide or a female one free. Be sure that we will assign to your group a guide that talk your language. Of course, you will have as much fun with one as with the other!

  • Why is flight not included?

    You do all know how airlines work! The sooner you buy your ticket the cheaper it is. And this is even truer with low-cost airlines such as easyJet or Ryanair.

    Writing a price including the flight (with a small star indicating that this is an estimation only) and, the minute after, increasing this price by 50€ or 100€, because, “you know, the price of flight has just changed and you do not all take off from the same place” is just not possible for us.

    We can help you to find flights on the Internet and the most important part is to advise you to book your tickets ASAP!

  • Are the testimonials real?

    No, we just finished writing them 5 minutes ago 🙂

    Of course they are true, all the testimonials are 100% authentic and made by people who were really in the parties!!!

  • What are your hidden costs?

    You have to be very careful about the various hidden costs, which of course are not mentioned on competing sites. You always discover when you arrive on site. From time to time, unfortunately we do not even realize!

    At Stag-Trip, there are no hidden costs!

    Some examples:
    – You choose the activity Bowling & Beers? We include the bowling shoes. Elsewhere, no … (Save: 3 € / person)
    – You want to go karting? We provide the mandatory hoods. Elsewhere, no … (Save: 3 € / person)
    – You want 2h of SPA? We include the towels. Elsewhere, no … (Save: 2 € / person)
    – You take 1 night in a youth hostel? We provide sheets and towels. Elsewhere, no … (Save: 2 € + 5 € / person)
    – You go to nightclub, the locker room is included. Elsewhere, no … (Save: 2 € / person)
    – You do activities, we include all the transfers! At 20 € the taxi ride (one way), for a group of 10 (you need 3 taxis) on 3 activities (in general counting) it’s 36 € per person saved! Elsewhere, you have to pay…

    And if you make the total… This is 53 € / person of hidden costs that you do not pay at Stag-Trip! 530 € saved for your group of 10 !! No comment…


If you have any other questions, we will be happy to answer them, so write to us!