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Guarantees for your stag party

Guarantees for your stag party

What guarantees me that there are any guarantees?

We are French, expatriates by choice and love, to the point that one of us has just married… Serious error 🙂 And that’s why we designed Stag-Trip for you.

We know all the managers of each establishment where you will go. Here, in Poland, vodka brings the people together. We guarantee fixed prices, no surprises or extra fees because you didn’t pay for a towel.

We offer you the opportunity to exchange Polish money (złoty for friends) at the best rate and exchange back the extra money at the end.

Our guide will assist you throughout your stag party in Eastern Europe, no possible confusion. In particular, during your various activities (nightclub or other), she will ensure you do not miss anything.

The choice of package or activities is intuitive and secure payment gives you all the necessary guarantees. Our only goal is to see you leaving Poland with a smile from ear to ear. Once out of the plane, you are 100% taken care of, let her guide you and especially make the most of your stay.

So, no bad surprises?

Exactly! We have registered our Polish company and it really exists, besides the translation cost us an arm and a leg! If we had known we would have taken Polish as our first language at school!

All proposed activities and benefits are payable in advance, and once all payments are completed, everything will be reserved, so do not delay.

Even if you are in Eastern Europe for your stag weekend, certain activities require proper outfits, including karting and paintball (better have trousers). Also, going to a nightclub with a nice shirt and trousers gives you the advantage over the Poles. 75% of them go nightclub with a t-shirt, unlike the ladies who spend hours in front of the mirror to be the most beautiful for that night.

We have checked all the accommodation, they are clean and tidy. Furthermore, the welcome strippers in some hotels. Basically, we are just waiting for you!

One last point, all our prices include taxes. We told you, no hidden cost!