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Stag-Trip - Stag party in Poland

Stag party in Poland

Good question… How does a stag party work?

First of all, thank you for finding us, if you’re here then it’s not by chance, you’ve come to the right place.

  • #1, first of all, you choose to go to Eastern Europe and specifically to Szczecin for his stag party, and that’s already a chance! You will have a fantastic and unforgettable weekend in Poland, enjoying yourselves like never at affordable prices.
  • #2, then, you choose the number of nights, type of accommodation, check to compare the tailor made packages to reduce costs.
  • #3, in addition you choose if your party wants to arrive by Limo or just with the shuttle bus.
  • #4, you decide the number of days / nights / sexy programs. Let us guide you. You define the maximum number of activities depending on the time available. With us, all transfers are included in the price. No surprises, incorrect addresses or late pick ups. Some activities require a few guidelines, so you will have to be sober and reasonably sensible.
  • #5, you look at the prices to see if you’re flexible enough. Then, you confer to offer the groom the stay and add some extra activities that you could never afford in any other place than in Eastern Europe. This will remain forever engraved in your memories.

And the next steps?

  • #6, you will check elsewhere, not on the Crazy Horse site and of course you realize that ultimately they are more expensive. So you return to Stag-Trip and then, as if by magic… prices have not changed! You note at the same time that in-Stag Trip, you don’t have to wait during many days for any quotations that possibly would not come… The price does not change with the seasons, they are fixe. The number of participants determines the price.
  • #7, you get all your credit cards together and ask the server 12 different payments? No, not at all. Once your choices are defined, you validate with one of our assitant, knowing that a deadline will be announced in order to allow us time for reservations. If necessary you can take your phone and call +33 1 82 52 39 43. Luckily, you can speak to one of our lovely hostesses, otherwise it will be Robert who will respond. Online payments are secure, but you knew about this…
  • #8, you receive confirmations by email with the details of your stag party in Poland.
  • #9, you prepare the pledges, the suitcase and you do not forget to take the plane! Once you arrive at Szczecin or Berlin airport, everything falls into place, we take care of everything. You just have to sit back and enjoy! Your guide will be there to make your stay unforgettable.
  • #10, you do not forget to go to the wedding to hear the “YES”, spend a memorable day and talk about Stag-Trip and the fantastic experience of stag parties in Eastern Europe.


Fruthermore, we count on you to let us know. You will be our best advertisement, you, your emotions and your memories. You are unique, that’s why you have chosen us 🙂