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Stag Trip - Stag nights in Poland

Stag Trip – Stag nights in Poland

Good question! Why us for your stag night??

First of all, we are a Polish company organizing stag parties, but we are French. We have lived here since 2011, fell in love with Eastern Europe, Polish girls and have a different life than in other places. Life here is not so different from other European countries, except that the prices are more affordable.

Some say cold? How cold? From here the Baltic Sea is only 45min by hovercraft 🙂

You have to know that the city of Szczecin and its suburbs have around 700,000 inhabitants and the beauty of the Polish girls is not a myth, so come and wander off the beaten track.

All the English, French, Italian, Spanish… who came here, now have so many unforgettable memorie and some of them have even decided to stay permanantly and live here (like us). Ok, the first year was not so easy. It’s difficult to warm up all these beautiful women especially when “Winter is Coming”. But hey, antifreeze is excellent, restaurants to die for, spas, clubs, great pubs and most of all they have a real culture.

Although this is not the main objective of a stag party, you will probably go back home with one or more bottles of our excellent vodka (don’t forget to book 1 or 2 hold luggages). Simply, our only hope is you have enjoyed your stay here.

And what about the organization of the stag weekend?

At Stag-Trip, we help you with this onorous task to organize your best friend’s stag party. To work best, we have designed the packages as we would have liked for our own stag party.

Who never wanted to arrive to nightclub with a beautiful limousine and make all the guys at the entrance jealous and go through the VIP gate? Here, everything is possible. We’re not in Vegas but we can do many more things for 2 or 3 times less. Remember the saying: What happens in Poland stays in Poland 🙂

A desire to eat sushi off the naked body of a woman? Having a striptease in a private limo, even two strippers? Go to a club where you are sure not to get ripped off? Or just go and drink countless pints in good pubs with good music and some dancing?

Please, don’t ask us to organize stag parties in Barcelona or Amsterdam anymore! Please!!! We know that many people want to go there and we’ve been too. Just believe us and come to Eastern Europe and Poland.

By choosing Stag-Trip you are getting professionalism and insurance that people who send you to different places for different activities know what they are doing. It’s easy for us, we don’t have a company in whatever tax haven, sending people to whatever town just for money. We live here and so, we test all the activities we propose to you all year round.

We admit, these difficult tasks are the most unpleasant part of our business. But we have no choice… It’s hard to select stripclubs, pubs and karting…

At Stag-Trip, we will not propose hundreds of destinations, it’s not very crazy crazy, but we are really familiar with the places that our guide will take you!! You have our word.