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Looking for a discount for your stag do in Poland with us? Nothing could be simpler 🙂

You visit us a 2nd time? Discount: 50%

No, it’s not a dream, it is a way to finally thank you for your fidelity!

If a member of your group has already participated in a stag party with us, he will then receive a 50% discount on his price.

For example, if you are 6 to go and your stag party costs 120 € / person, the one who has already come will pay only half the price, ie 60 € !!


You visit us a 3rd time, 4th time…? Discount: 100%

And there’s even better to re-thank you

If you come back a 3rd time, it’s FREE for you for this time and the following times

The 120 € of the example above become 0 € !! And of course, this FOREVER!



IMPORTANT: These permanent offers are limited to one person per group and you can enjoy it when you want, there is no time limit!